Voicemail - How to retrieve messages

If you have received a voicemail message on your HealthWISE phone, the LCD display will show an envelope with a message received count. The message button will be lit green and the LED at the top right of the phone will also flash red.

To check incoming messages:

  1. Press Message
  2. Enter your pin: 0000 followed by #
  3. The system will tell you how many messages you have. Press 1 to skip the intro and go to the 1st message.
  4. Press 7 to delete the message
  5. When you have deleted all received messages, the LCD display envelope icon will be gone and the red LED will stop flashing.

Other Voicemail message options:

  • 3 - Advanced Options
  • 5 - Repeat Message
  • 7 - Delete Message
  • 8 - Forward to other user
  • 9 - Save Message
  • * - Help

Note: You can only check your own messages from your own phone handset.