How to send a Fax via Email with GoFax

Step 1: Create a new message in Outlook.

Step 2: Enter the Fax number followed be into To: field (for example:

- When sending a Fax to standard Australian Fax number, include the correct area code (02, 03, 07 and 08) before the Fax number

Step 3: Text entered into the subject line can be used as a reference as this will not be included in the Fax.

Step 4: Attach the Fax as a PDF (if you would like to know how to print as a PDF click here to learn how).

Step 5: Once you have completed the above fields you may then click send, you will receive an Email letting you know the status of your Fax (whether or not the delivery was successful).

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  • 05-Mar-2019