Sending a Patient Summary


This guide provides a simple overview on sending a patient summary through Best Practice. You will need to have the Medical-Objects Referral Client (Trinity) Installed. For more information on creating patient summaries in Best Practice, follow this guide.

Sending a Patient Summary

1) Select the document by hitting CTRL+A on the keyboard.

2) Then copy the document by hitting CTRL+C. This wil bring up a large M symbol like the following.

3) Double click this symbol to open the summary within the Medical Objects Referral Client.

4) Make sure the Advanced button is checked to show to panel at the bottom.

5) Under Report Title, Select Patient Summary.

6) Click the MagnifyingGlass beside the Referral to box to select the recipient.

7) Enter the name of the recipient - surname first - and click OK.

8) You will be asked if you wish to Send Now. If you don't wish to make further changes, click Yes.

9) The following window will appear, asking you for a PKI token. If you do not have one, Click Send without Signature.

10) The Patient Summary has now been sent.

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  • 25-Feb-2019